Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Up and running

Well it's not quite a website, but I have managed to change my blog into my website! Well until 1 Stop VA gets off the ground a bit more, I thought it was better to have a go at having the blog as the website to begin with.

I have been a bit slack lately with this blog - I keep getting distracted with all the baking blogs I am finding! My favourite one at the moment is www.bakingmakesthingsbetter.com!  Oh my goodness such yummy things to make, see distracted again..... make sure you check them out and see what you can make next time you are wanting to get creative in the kitchen!

Next on the VA list is to get some business cards and some flyers printed (must get ink for the printer!!) and get the word out there! And a goal for the next month, to get at least another 2 blog posts done and published, really need to keep up the online presences.

Till next week, I leave you with a thought for the day....


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