Tuesday, 19 November 2013

A glowing testimonial

I received an amazing testimonial from Emma at Rarpz Designs - make sure you check out her awesome range of cloth nappies.  My son wears them and they are the best ones I have used so far.  Very cute designs too!

With an ever increasing workload in our business, we decided the best course of action was to find a Virtual Assistant. 1StopVA became an obvious choice for us after researching available services. Right from the very beginning, Lisette of 1StopVA has been amazingly professional. She has learnt quickly how to use our specific website editor, is one of our Social Media managers, and worked with us to develop our product warranty. There is much more that Lisette has done for us, and at each step she has been fantastic. I won’t hesitate for a second to recommend 1StopVA to any company needing the services that 1StopVA provides.

Emma Cairns

Rarpz Design Ltd.

Thank you Emma! 

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